The Proudly South African Campaign was born out of Socio-economic necessity in 1998 with the Presidential Jobs Summit – under leadership of former South African Pres. Nelson Mandela. It was formed from the international research that was based on the Australian buy local campaign. The same concept was bought here in South Africa to address the issues of Job creation through local investment in local products and services.

Established in 2001 through Nedlac and has representation from Government, Business, Organized Labour & community. It was formed to address governments 5 main priorities which were; Education, health, job Creation, Fight against crime & corruption, Rural Development and Land Reform. All these priorities can be addressed with the advent of local procurement and local economy investment.

The Proudly South African Campaign will encourage the Nation to make personal and organizational contributions to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa, thereby increasing employment opportunities and reinforcing national pride.

The aim of the Proudly South African Campaign is to educate consumers to buy local goods when doing their shopping and to get businesses to procure locally in so doing they will be injecting money back into the country and the economy. Proudly South African Campaign urges businesses to be members of the campaign and this is done to promote local goods and services and to make it easily identifiable to the consumers.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Proudly South African Campaign is to create and sustain quality jobs by stimulating Local Production and the consumption of locally produced products and services through the implementation of the various commitments contained in IPAP 2, The New Growth Path and the Local Procurement Accord.