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How To Register

An application form must be completed. A copy can be downloaded from our website and our completed online by creating a profile and completing the online registration.

Membership Department is always available to assist.

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Prospective members of Proudly South African need to demonstrate or provide evidence, that they meet each of the Campaign's criteria. Supporting "evidence" will differ according to the industry sector in which the company/organisation/individual operates. It is important for the business/organisation to demonstrate how it, as a unique entity, meets these criteria. This entails the provision of supporting documentation such as:

  • SABS or an ISO quality certificate.
  • The company/business’s internal quality policy.
  • Trade union support.
  • Certification by the relevant quality regulatory body.
  • Certificate of membership of a recognized industry association.

Below is a list of documents to be submitted with your application form.

  • Proof of company registration (NPO certificate/ CIPRO);
  • Labour Criteria – company labour policy/ copy of contract of employment. ( if not submit a declaration that you currently don’t have employees but intend to comply with the labour laws when you start employing;
  • Quality Criteria: proof of quality of your products or services by means of certification or 3 customer referrals;
  • Environment: declaration that your company abides by the environmental laws/ ISO 14000 if you have been certified;
  • Audited financials, this is for us to determine your membership fees once approved.

Proudly South African will invoice a company once their membership has been approved. Membership is valid for one year upon receipt of payment. Continuation of membership requires renewal, compliance checks and payment.


Organisations that want to use the Proudly South African mark of quality to identify themselves and their products/services have to meet four criteria:

  • Local Contentat - least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be “substantial transformation” of any imported materials.
  • Quality - the product or service must be of a proven high quality for example, it must be ISO accredited or have a certificate of any other accreditation organisation.
  • Fair Labour Practice - the company must comply with the current labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices.
  • Environmental Standards - the company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly acceptable.

Membership fees structure: (please note below fees are excluding vat)
Membership Category Classification Payable fee
SMMEs Small, Medium and micro companies with turnover less than R10m. R500.00
Silver Companies with a turnover between R10m and R50m R10 000.00
Gold Companies with a turnover between R50m and R100m R50 000.00
Platinum Large corporate companies with prominence in the market (minimum R100m turnover) R100 000 to R500 000.00

If you require any further assistance please contact our office and ask to speak to our membership department 011 327 7778 or send a mail to

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