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current COVID19 pandemic.

Does your company need protection from COVID19 and other harmful viruses and germs?
One of our member companies is a manufacturer of non-chemical anti infection technology
As supplies of sanitiser remain in short supply during the current COVID19 pandemic crisis there is a local company that offers chemical free solutions for sanitised air, touch surfaces or water in offices, workspaces and homes.

Sani UV-C is a local Proudly SA brand of appliances, fixtures and other technologies that use UV wavelengths to deactivate the protein in the DNA or RNA of any pathogen, resulting in the death or inactivation of the organism. Their products and services can be used in factories, food preparation areas, medical facilities and even in the home. As a local, Proudly SA brand using local parts and components, Sani UV-C remains in production during the lockdown, and is classified as an essential service.

Developed four years ago, the brand offers a local, reliable alternative to imported equivalents and has rapidly established a reputation as an ethical trader. Sani UV-C distributors and consultants nationwide are highly trained and are able to advise precisely the right application of their fixtures for each client. From equipping farmers, doctors, dentists, food processing plants and kitchens, Sani UV-C has the largest product range in the world and remains competitively priced for purchase and after sales service.

Prevention of infection is key to the application of UV technology, from using wall mounted fixtures (installed in all government ambulances) to prevent person to person contamination, to sterilisation cabinets, units for change rooms and hotel rooms to solutions for airduct, HVAC and air cooler systems, Sani UV-C is well positioned to assist the ongoing management of communal spaces and environments after lockdown and beyond.

For more information and distribution agents please visit www.ozoneuv.co.za or contact Edward Erasmus edward@ozoneuv.co.za cell 065 825 9195

If your company is doing something remarkable, or has an interesting and unique product that could benefit other members, and please contact deryn@proudlysa.co.za so that we can share the information.