Proudly SA Membership


Thank you for your interest in joining South Africa’s Buy Local Campaign, Proudly South African!

To become a Proudly SA member company, the following compliance criteria applies:

Local content: In the case of products, at least 50% of the final cost of production must have been incurred in South Africa, or if raw materials have been imported, substantial transformation must have taken place in our country; for service companies, we consider your local procurement habits;

Proof of quality by way of certification from an accredited verification body or industry association;

Adherence to the country’s labour and environmental legislation.

NGOs / Start-ups / Crafters

Newly-established enterprises or enterprises with a turnover of less than R5MNGOs

The membership fee is payable upfront and is renewable annually. Please see the revised fee structure:

NGOs / Start-ups / CraftersNewly-established enterprises or enterprises with a turnover of less than R5MNGOsR500.00
BronzeEnterprises with a turnover between R5M and R10MR1 000.00
SilverCompanies with a turnover between R10M and R30MR10 000.00
GoldCompanies with a turnover between R30M and R50MR20 000.00
PlatinumCompanies with a turnover between R50M and R100MR50 000.00
DiamondCompanies with a turnover of R100M and aboveR100 000.00
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