Human Resources

Proudly SA is a vibrant organisation looking for energetic, dynamic and self-motivated individuals who can make a meaningful contribution to the fulfilment of developing and growing an inclusive economy and creating sustainable employment opportunities.
People are the key component to any successful organisation, at Proudly SA we are proud to have dedicated staff members collectively committed to the task of providing quality services. Proudly SA is committed to providing its staff with the opportunity to pursue excellence and satisfaction in their academic and occupational endeavours. Proudly SA fully commits itself to promoting all fundamentals rights and freedoms of every staff member as required by the Constitution and relevant labour laws of South Africa.
Foster diversity in the workplace;
Promote equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of all forms of unfair discrimination;
Prepare the ground for effective change through appropriate and ongoing investment in training and development; and Optimal productivity of its workforce.

Proudly SA human resources broadly aims to:

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